Our Services


Advisory & Oversight

At Izwi Lethu we believe that people are the core infrastructure of any organisation. Positive and constructive employee relationships and commitment to organisational goals and objectives are essential for establishing a climate that inspires the actualisation of the organisation’s strategic plans, our employee relations offering includes, but is not limited to:

1. Overseeing compliance & dealing with matters of misconduct.

2. Development of employee engagement programmes.
3. Managing poor performance.
4. Provision of dismissal documentation.

5. Third-party representation (CCMA).



Development, Amendment & Review

Human resources policies and procedures provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness in any organization. Compliance with regard to employment legislation and clear communication pertaining to employee responsibilities and accompanying expectations are attained through well-constructed organization specific policies.

The majority of a company's HR services, policies and procedures will be derived from employment legislation and best practice but HR policies and procedures are not a panacea to address all eventualities as there shall always be situations that have not been pre-empted therefore, policies and procedures are both proactive and reactive and need to be periodically reviewed and revised. Our HR policy development process takes these factors into consideration:

  1. Policy gap analysis.

  2. Policy & procedure development.

  3. Key Stakeholders Consultation: New/amended policy review by the organization.

  4. Policy induction with team leaders and employees.

  5. Policy Implementation and monitoring.

  6. Quarterly review and amendment as required.



Planning & Execution

Well-constructed training and development programmes serve to improve employee performance, increase job satisfaction, aid the creation of formidable organisational cultures and enhance organisational reputational imperative priorities within a firm. The Izwi Lethu philosophy is built around a strong focus on training and development at all stages of the employee journey and spans an offering of:

  1. Training needs analysis.

  2. Workforce skills plan development.

  3. Soft-skill training and facilitation.

  4. Induction training.

  5. Development of training programmes cantered around weaknesses identified through Izwi Lethu.

    performance management.

  6. Succession planning and associated training.

  7. Skills development facilitator & SETA liaison.

  8. WSP and ATR submissions.

  9. Teambuilding and development programme development.

  10. Expansion/change readiness training.



Program Design 

& Management

Performance management is a collaborative and continuous journey between Business Evolution Africa, managers and employees comprised of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives, manager expectations and organisational goals at large. The Izwi Lethu performance management process is centred around the creation of a sustainable high-performance culture and is made up of three phases:


  1. Review employee job descriptions to ensure alignment between what is on paper and what is enacted by employees on a daily basis.

  2. Development of organization-specific performance metric centred around organizational objectives.

  3. Introduction session where employees become familiarized with the performance management system.


  1. Weekly performance management.

  2. Identification of barriers that may prevent employees from meeting objectives by Izwi Lethu.

  3. Determine if additional support/training/managerial interventions are required.

  4. Monthly feedback sessions between Izwi Lethu and employees.

  5. Poor performance interventions.

  6.  Incentive programme implementation.


  1. Consolidation of individual performance summaries in respect to predetermined goals and expectations that were set out at the beginning of the performance period. This includes capturing the key results, accomplishments and shortfalls for each of the objectives.

  2. Document challenges encountered during the year and identify areas for training and/or development.

  3. Identify and discuss any unforeseen barriers to the achievement of the objectives.

  4. Close off of performance period with final incentives/promotions/interventions.



Program Design & Management

Izwi Lethu change management is centred around adequately and comprehensively preparing, equipping and supporting key stakeholders, managers, teams and employees through a highly structured approach to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and outcomes during times of transition. This process is divided into three phases and can be adapted to accommodate a time-frame as determined by organizational necessity:


  1. Change assessment (Restructuring scope/span).

  2. Change management strategy development.

  3. Managerreadinesstraining.

  4. Change management strategy employee dissemination session.


  1. Implement change management strategy.

  2. Monitor sustainability and support gaps created by transition.

  3. Manage resistance.



  1. Implement corrective actions and revise strategy for next phase of operation


Analysis & Advisory

The chief function of the Izwi Lethu is to ensure that organisations acquire and retain premium talent within their industries and through our wholistic workforce maintenance system this fundamental goal is guaranteed. This talent acquisition system is all-encompassing, it will begin with an exploration of the organization’s workforce and determine whether restructuring is necessary, what sort of talent that needs to be acquired, how talent will be acquired and how talent will be incorporated into the organization once acquired, all structured around maximum organizational efficiency. Our workforce analysis and maintenance offering is inclusive of, but not limited to:

  1. 1. Initial workforce analysis and feedback session.

  2. Workforce strategy development.

  3. Recruitment.

  4. Job description design.

  5. Provision of interview training

  6. Contract and permanent recruitment.

  7. Project recruitment.

  8. Bi-monthly post-evaluations.



Analysis & Advisory

At Izwi Lethu we take pride in facilitating innovative and uniquely tailored solutions to optimize our clients B-BBEE scoring. We provide short, medium and long term solutions and are proactively involved in our clients’ transformation journey. Our first step is always to obtain an in-depth understanding of the nature of the business, corporate culture and B-BBEE requirements of our clients to implement meaningful transformation initiatives. The Izwi Lethu B-BBEE optimisation journey is comprised of:

  1. B-BBEE analysis.

  2. B-BBEE strategy development (short-term/medium-term/long-term).

  3. Upskillingconsultationwithmanagement.

  4. Annual strategy implementation.

  5. Quarterlymonitoring.

  6. Verification (via accredited agency).


Program Design & Management

Corporate Wellness is an investment in the physical and mental health of employees by creating a healthier, happier and more relaxed environment. Corporate wellness can improve the overall productivity, health and morale of staff, while reducing stress levels in the workplace.


At Izwi Lethu we design and facilitate monthly/quarterly/annual wellness programmes structured around organisational culture and requirements.


Program Design & Management

At Izwi Lethu we are committed to helping organisations become more socially and environmentally responsible through research, consulting and training in all areas of ‘business and society’.

Adapting practical tools and frameworks to the context specific realities of Southern Africa we provide consultancy, training and research services that offer sustainable approaches to doing business in the region. From developing CSR policies, to implementing and assessing impact, we provide the solutions ensure that your business is both profitable and responsible.