In order to build rewarding employee experiences, you need to understand what matters most to your people.

Thuli Dubazana is an experienced and passionate Human Resource practitioner with a demonstrated history of working in complex HR landscapes in an array of different industries. 

Izwi Lethu was founded in 2016 with a self-proclaimed mission, "to drive enterprise change through the delivery of innovative solutions." 

At Izwi Lethu we believe in creating purpose-driven organizations fuelled by high-performance cultures and as Human Resource generalists we know that the most important factor in this pursuit are the people within an organization. Human Resource Management is essential to corporate governance and well-integrated HRM teams multiply the effectiveness, efficacy and productivity of any organisation.

In today’s world successful companies need to be resilient, dynamic, highly-adaptive and customer-centred, the formulation and growth of these organisational attributes are only attained through the strategic utilisation of employees through comprehensive HRM strategies and best practices.

At Izwi Lethu we know that breakthroughs are achieved by combining and leveraging upon different areas of expertise that often seem unrelated, we therefore approach the Human Resource Management journey comprehensively and provide a multifaceted solution that is comprised of the best practices in: Training & development, recruitment, performance management, employee wellness and retention programmes, change management and wholistic employee relations. This array of HRM services not only assists you in managing and mitigating all labour-related risks, but provides solutions which give you a competitive edge in becoming the best talent’s employer of choice.

Through a dynamic Izwi Lethu HRM collaboration, success in the development of organisational culture and climate in which employees have the competency, concern and commitment to serve the organization and its customers well can be guaranteed.

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